Helical Gear Reducer

Helical gear reducers are between 0.18 kW - 30 kW engine power range and nine type of foot or flange mounting body is made of cast iron GG20.

Worm Gear Reducer

Worm reducers are between 0.18 kW - 7.5 kW motor power size range and eight different mounting type body shapes are manufactured in accordance with motorized or non-motorized.

Planetary Gear Reducer

High torque planetary reducers with compact body design and four different body structure used in heavy industry.

Spiral Feeding

Spiral feeder reducers which are manufactured in die-cast aluminum housing is specially designed and developed for poultry industry.

Bending Gear Reducer

DBM 3642 Çıkış Devri / Rpm : 9 d/dk / min Motor Gücü / Power : 3 Kw Çıkış Momenti / Nm : 4120 Nm

Culvert Gear Reducer